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After Golden Medal at ARCA in Zagreb, Tehnix continues with new success at the International Ideas-Inventions-New Products Fair in Nürnberg where on 3th of November 2018 was awarded with a Silver Medal for outstanding performance for PRESSBOX THERMO 10/100...

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SASO Fair 2018

This year again the company Tehnix was an active exhibitor at the 22nd International SASO fair in Split. SASO is the most significant fair for construction, wood and metal industry, tools and equipment, electrical engineering, energy and telecommunications, and crafts and small businesses....

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ARCA 2018

This year, the Tehnix Company continued its tradition of fair exhibition at the 16th International ARCA 2018 Innovation Exhibition, held from 18-20. October 2018 at the National and University Library in Zagreb. Tehnix has exhibited PRESSBOX TERMO 10/100 - a new specially constructed type for underground waste treatment system...

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Delivery to Camp Valamar Poreč

The company Tehnix has delivered a mini sorting line for the Valamar camping resort near Poreč. The camping resort has mobile homes for family holidays, and with the prompt regular recycling of municipal tourist waste it retains its exclusive service...

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Delivery of municipal vehicle EKOMUNAL for Rad Sarajevo

At the end of June in Tehnix was held a meeting with representatives of Starimport from Zagreb - the main distributors and representatives of Mercedes in the Republic of Croatia. Long-term successful co-operation has been agreed on the joint distribution of special utility vehicles with Mercedes chassis and utility upgrade Tehnix Ekomunal...

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Commissioning of transfer station in Jordan

The company Tehnix started to install a transfer station in Jordan. This is a project of the transfer station of municipal waste with a capacity of 50 t/h...

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Our Mission

Tehnix d.o.o. is the leading eco-industry in Croatia, as well as the other countries of the European Union. We produce the environmental protection machinery and equipment. Now we are all members of the European Union. Our common goal is to implement the new technologies which will help you achieve better results in Municipal Solid Waste Management by converting solid waste into secondary raw materials, using the Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF) as a great energy potential, and converting organic waste into ecological fertilizers.

By developing new technologies, we can perform the tasks given us by the European Union and sustainable development goals much faster, as well as stop our planet's climate change. By implementing our innovative technologies, we will reduce air, water and land pollution, and achieve a sustainable future together!

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