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Tehnix Has Become a Global Innovation Trendsetter In the Field of Environmental Protection

The national key document for the implementation of the EU's R & D and Innovation Program (IRI) is the Smart Specialization Strategy (S3), adopted by the Government and endorsed by the EU. It is a developing model that has emerged in Brussels and as a compulsory development tool it is used by member states.
The main objective of S3 is to transform the Croatian economy by increasing its competitiveness by concentrating available resources, above all innovation, knowledge and excellence of companies and individuals in prospective development areas.
The Strategy analyzes the current state of the economy, the perspective sector and highlights some examples of companies - leaders. In the section entitled "Ecologically Acceptable Technologies, Equipment and Advanced Materials", authors point out that some national technology leaders, manufacturers of ecological equipment are also significant for the global market...

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Company Tehnix and Erste & Steiermärkische bank d.d. signed bussiness cooperation contract

Tehnix Company, starting from its mission, activities and goals, promoting the excellence of providing services in the field of environmental protection with the use of technical equipment, technologies and projects of the highest technological standards that contribute to the reputation of the Republic of Croatia, on 24th of August 2017 year concluded a business cooperation agreement with Erste & Steiermärkische bank d.d., which cares..

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Tehnix delivers EKOMUNAL 5 m3 vehicle

After the summer vacation break, the company Tehnix returned to its full range and continues its activities in the area of sustainable municipal waste management. On 18th of August Tehnix delivered one more municipal vehicle EKOMUNAL 5 m3...

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Tehnix company delivers to Norway

Tehnix Company has achieved one more business success. It delivered eco equipment to northern Norway for the needs of the largest cruiser in the world. Everything is as far away as we want. Good products are sold everywhere.

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Tesla & Friends Zagreb

Celebration of the 161st anniversary of the birth of Nikola Tesla, organized by Tesla & Friends Zagreb, which member is the company Tehnix too, leaded by the president Mr. Đuro Horvat. The culmination of the whole event was held yesterday, 10/07/2017, in the Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb at the gala dinner ...

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The company Tehnix has concluded a long-term business co-operation agreement with Blackard Global Inc. from the United States. Mr. Jeffory D. Blackard, President of Blackard Global, expressed great enthusiasm for Tehnix's technological achievements in the field of environmental protection and contribution to stopping climate changes by applying sustainable technologies for circular economy.

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Transfer stations Tehnix

In 2017, Tehnix company delivered technology and solutions for transfer stations to several domestic and international projects. Transfer station is used for transfer waste from communal vehicles into rollo – containers. During this action, volume of waste is reduced for approximately 5 times, what greatly reduces cost of communal waste transportation.

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Tehnix delivers to the Luxembourg market

The Company TEHNIX is proud to announce one more in a series of successful deliveries to the Luxembourg market. We are greatfull to our partners for their loyalty and trust, which is reflected in overwhelming number of new orders and full utilization of production capacities.

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Meeting between top management of Tehnix d.o.o. and representatives of the Academy of Technical Sciences of Croatia

On 5th of June 2017 was held a meeting in Tehnix d.o.o. headed by Mr. Đuro Horvat, president of the Company, with representatives of the Croatian Academy of Engineering, prof. Dr. Sc. Vladimir Andročec, President of the Academy, prof. Dr. Sc. Dubravko Rogale, vice president of the Academy, prof. Dr. Sc. Zdravko Terze, vice president of the Academy, prof. Dr. Sc. Nediljka Gaurina Međimurec, the Secretary General of the Academy, prof. Dr. Sc. Bruno Zelić, Principal of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology of the University of Zagreb and head of the Center for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Technology Development of the Academy...

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The Tehnix company has successfully equipped the Recycling yard KLARA - CITY OF ZAGREB, for the end user Zagrebački holding d.o.o. Podružnica ČISTOĆA

The company Tehnix supply Recycling yards with communal technology equipment under “The waste management plan of Croatia for period 2017-2022.” Recycling yard is controlled enclosure designed for separate collection and temporary storage of small quantities of specific type of waste (waste paper, metal, glass, plastics, textiles, bulky waste,...

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Second technological conference 2017

Second international technological conference of the company Tehnix, held at the Zagreb Fair on 05th April 2017, brought together more than two hundred experts, directors, business partners and representatives of utility companies from Croatia, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Israel, Ukraine, Libya. The aim of the conference was to present the experience in municipal waste management...

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Audit for ISO 9001 quality system and environmental management system ISO 14001

The company Tehnix on 02nd March 2017 had a surveillance audit for ISO 9001 quality system and environmental management system ISO 14001. The report on the completed audit by the company SGS is positive in all areas of business, and in particular it should be noted their final comment at the end of the supervision carried out...

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Company Tehnix awarded with credit rating of A +

We are pleased to announce that the company Tehnix got the credit rating of A + for 2016 year, which puts us among the top credit rating of excellence. The certificate confirms that the business entity is in the group of companies with the best credit rating in Croatia. Certificate No. CWB-16-2708 was issued in London on 20th February 2017 by CompanyWall business.

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Presentation about the sustainable technologies of municipal waste management in the Montengero's Chamber of Commerce

On 15 February 2017 in Podgorica was held the presentation by the President of the company Tehnix, Mr. Đuro Horvat, about the sustainable technologies of municipal waste management in the Chamber of Commerce of Montengero...

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Delivery and handover of special utility vehicle EKOMUNAL TEHNIX 16 m3

On 09th February 2017 year, the company Tehnix made a delivery and handover of special utility vehicle EKOMUNAL TEHNIX 16 m3 for the company Komunalac Ltd. Samobor. The relevant delivery company Tehnix has won by a public tender as the most successful tenderer with the highest quality and most economical offer...

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Visit to the partner company NOKRAM AS from Norway

President of the company Tehnix with his managers visited the partner company NOKRAM AS in Norway, from 19 to 21 January 2017 year. During the visit experience was exchanged, and signed a long-term contract...

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Global Impex Ltd. from India visits Tehnix

The company Tehnix has visited today the CEO of Global Impex Ltd. from India. It was expressed a great interest and a need for the implementation of technology TEHNIX for sustainable waste management and waste water treatment.

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The president of the Republic of Croatia, Mrs. Kolinda Grabar Kitarović, visited the company Tehnix and held a business lunch at the hotel Kralj in a complex of the company Tehnix. Also were present the Mayor of the County of Međimurje, Mr. Matija Posavec, mayor of Prelog, Mr. Ljubomir Kolarek and Mayor of Donji Kraljevec, Mr. Miljenko Horvat as well as the mayors of neighboring municipalities.

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Recycling Yard Krapina

The company Tehnix has successfully delivered municipal equipment for the Recycling Yard Krapina. The opening ceremony of a built recycling yard in Krapina was today at 11 o'clock in the organization of the City of Krapina on location in the economic zone Krapina-Nova in Bobovje in Krapina.

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Tehnix signed contract for building Centre for industrial recycling of pre-sorted and mixed municipal waste

Today the company Tehnix d.o.o. has signed an agreement with the company Eurosteel Ltd. from Kosovo on design, production, delivery, installation and commissioning of the CENTRE FOR INDUSTRIAL RECYCLING OF PRE-SORTED AND MIXED MUNICIPAL WASTE capacity of 12 t / h.

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Delivery of special technological containers

Company Tehnix has successfully produced and delivered special technological containers for Scandinavian customer.

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Our Mission

Tehnix d.o.o. is the leading eco-industry in Croatia, as well as the other countries of the European Union. We produce the environmental protection machinery and equipment. Now we are all members of the European Union. Our common goal is to implement the new technologies which will help you achieve better results in Municipal Solid Waste Management by converting solid waste into secondary raw materials, using the Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF) as a great energy potential, and converting organic waste into ecological fertilizers.

By developing new technologies, we can perform the tasks given us by the European Union and sustainable development goals much faster, as well as stop our planet's climate change. By implementing our innovative technologies, we will reduce air, water and land pollution, and achieve a sustainable future together!

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