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Meeting between top management of Tehnix d.o.o. and representatives of the Academy of Technical Sciences of Croatia

On 5th of June 2017 was held a meeting in Tehnix d.o.o. headed by Mr. Đuro Horvat, president of the Company, with representatives of the Croatian Academy of Engineering, prof. Dr. Sc. Vladimir Andročec, President of the Academy, prof. Dr. Sc. Dubravko Rogale, vice president of the Academy, prof. Dr. Sc. Zdravko Terze, vice president of the Academy, prof. Dr. Sc. Nediljka Gaurina Međimurec, the Secretary General of the Academy, prof. Dr. Sc. Bruno Zelić, Principal of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology of the University of Zagreb and head of the Center for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Technology Development of the Academy.

The Academy of Technical Sciences is a scientific organization that brings together prominent domestic and foreign scientists from the field of technical and biotechnical sciences. It is engaged in the promotion of technical sciences, by gathering and encouraging the collaboration of scientists from different technical, biotechnical and other fields to support the effective scientific and economic development of Croatia without the intention of gaining profit.

As mentioned earlier, a second session of the Environmental Protection Committee was held at Tehnix, the leading eco-industry of Republic of Croatia. The goals of the Environment Committee are clear and necessary for the quickest pursuit of the Republic of Croatia's policy and the goals of the European Union, which obliges its members to realize the highest degree of municipal waste recycling, which is a national problem today, as the commitments taken from the European Union are not achieved.

The director of the company Tehnix, Mr. Đuro Horvat, is a member of the Croatian Academy of Engineering, a member of the Environmental Protection Committee and a distinguished businessman who, with his team of experts, developed a new technology for industrial recycling of communal waste, which through continuous process extracts 8 types of raw materials with possibility of baling due to the easier access to the market.

MBO-Te technology is fully in line with the Waste Management Plan of the Republic of Croatia adopted at the Government session on 7th of January 2017, as well as in the EU directive lines of 26th January 2017. WMP committed local government units and cities to establish a complete municipal waste management system as soon as possible, including usage of technologies and processes that give the best economic, environmental and social results in municipal waste recycling.

It is a conclusion of the Committee's meeting and the recommendation that in the Republic of Croatia, as soon as possible, conditions should be created that will enable the launching of the appropriate Tendering, which will quickly and efficiently manage the municipal waste resource, using domestic knowledge and technology.

The common position of the members of the Board is that industrial recycling by using MBO-Te technology can quickly achieve the goals of the Republic of Croatia, and to avoid payment of penalties for non-fulfillment of the EU's commitments in the field of municipal waste recycling. Consequently, it will decrease depositing on landfills of untreated waste, which due to their many failures represent a constant source of danger for the environment and the local community.

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