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Recycling Yard Krapina

The company Tehnix has successfully delivered municipal equipment for the Recycling Yard Krapina. The opening ceremony of a built recycling yard in Krapina was today at 11 o'clock in the organization of the City of Krapina on location in the economic zone Krapina-Nova in Bobovje in Krapina. The recycling yard was officially opened by the Minister of Environment and Energy, Ph.D. Slaven Dobrović with representatives of the co-financiers of the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, Mayor of the City of Krapina and Chief of Municipality Đurmanec, Jesenje Petrovsko and Radoboj. The recycling yard was built near the site of the planned construction of a sorting plant and recycling center whose construction will be soon. The recycling yard in Krapina is one more successful project of the company Tehnix which has significantly contributed to solving the problems of sustainable waste management in Krapina.

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