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Tehnix Has Become a Global Innovation Trendsetter In the Field of Environmental Protection

The national key document for the implementation of the EU's R & D and Innovation Program (IRI) is the Smart Specialization Strategy (S3), adopted by the Government and endorsed by the EU. It is a developing model that has emerged in Brussels and as a compulsory development tool it is used by member states.

The main objective of S3 is to transform the Croatian economy by increasing its competitiveness by concentrating available resources, above all innovation, knowledge and excellence of companies and individuals in prospective development areas.

The Strategy analyzes the current state of the economy, the perspective sector and highlights some examples of companies - leaders. In the section entitled "Ecologically Acceptable Technologies, Equipment and Advanced Materials", authors point out that some national technology leaders, manufacturers of ecological equipment are also significant for the global market, for example the company Tehnix d.o.o., which is the leader in the production of special utility vehicles Ekomunal for collecting, compacting and discharging municipal and separated waste, high flow separators and sewage treatment plants ".

Bearing in mind the fact that the adoption of the Strategy and the Operational Program was a prerequisite for the withdrawal of up to EUR 664 m from the EU, it is to be believed that through the related tenders, as well as other tenders for communal infrastructure, the Croatian administration will favor domestic ecological products which are obvious Sought in the world as well. "This company is a Croatian leader in this field and an innovation trendsetter with numerous export markets (Russia, Iran, Romania, Germany and others)," the Strategy points out.

The solid foundation for all this was the awarding of the Ey Oscar for the Entrepreneur of the year 2016 in Monaco. Director Mr. Đuro Horvat was named as the second world businessman of the year, which added weight and responsibility for further development and innovation.

Finally, it should be mentioned that the crown of successful business and innovative development was the award of the credit rating for 2016 "A +", which placed us in the top of prudential excellence. The certificate confirms that it is a business entity in the group of companies with the best prudential rating in Croatia. Certificate no. CWB-16-2708 was issued in London on 20th February 2017 by CompanyWall business.


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