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Transfer stations Tehnix

Croatia - Biskupija, Pirovac
Serbia - Senta, Bačka Topola, Kanjiža
FYR Macedonia - Tetovo, Skopje

In 2017, Tehnix company delivered technology and solutions for transfer stations to several domestic and international projects. Transfer station is used for transfer waste from communal vehicles into rollo – containers. During this action, volume of waste is reduced for approximately 5 times, what greatly reduces cost of communal waste transportation. Also, time for processing waste from users to dumping site or facility for communal waste processing is also greatly reduced. The transfer station were delivered and all the tests showed that all required parameters were reached. Tehnix once again confirmed the readiness for all domestic and international projects in communal technology.

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Braće Radića 35

40320 Donji Kraljevec

Tel: +385 40 650 100

Fax: +385 40 650 108



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