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Tehnix d.o.o.

TEHNIX d.o.o. is the leading eco-industry in this part of Europe for design, production, and the servicing of machines and equipment designed for the purpose of Environmental Protection. Excellent production capacities, constant presence in both the domestic and international markets, the satisfaction of our existing customers, innovation – the improvement of products, as well as an assured and long-term warranty period guarantee the success of TEHNIX d.o.o., the company which is always a good and reliable partner in meeting Your ecological requirements.

In cooperation with You, we will improve the future. The company is well-organized and well-equipped, and it implements ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Quality Management Standards. What makes TEHNIX d.o.o. a successful company at the international level is a high-level motivation of their experts, as well as of all their employees who implement and use the cutting-edge information technology systems in their business and communication with the market. More than 300 permanent employees, together with their subcontractors, is what makes TEHNIX d.o.o. one of the most successful companies in the Republic of Croatia and abroad. The total revenue of the company in 2011 amounted to HRK 142 million, with 60% of which achieved by exporting their own products. The Chairman of the company and the company's Bord of Directors who manage the company's resources have a clear development strategy which provides all their employees with high work standards and an appropriate salary that motivates the experts and all the employees to continuously improve their knowledge and working skills, embedding them into the products provided by TEHNIX d.o.o.

Within its 20 years of existence, TEHNIX d.o.o. records a significant and continuous increase in all of its business segments. Since the first day, we have been working professionally as a company which regularly fulfills its obligations towards the State, its workers, sets its own development strategy and ensures the development of its own products and production. TEHNIX d.o.o. owns 50 patents and innovations embedded into over 350 their own products which are placed successfully onto the market as their own product or sold as a licence or innovation. We cooperate with numerous experts and institutions, as well as the leading companies in the Republic of Croatia. We participate in almost all the important trade fairs in both Croatia and its neighbouring countries.

We have been following the state and conditions in our professional field not only in Europe, but in the world as well. We have been participating in various symposiums and cooperating with professional journals in the area of Environmental protection. We have been contributing significantly to the development and improvement of Environmental Protection System by means of our cutting-edge, high-quality machines and equipment.We have helped financing the social development projects. We have been awarded high national and international awards, as well as professional and technical awards for the contribution in the area of Environmental Protection System development, and the results achieved in the area of Design. In 2009 I was awarded “Innovator of the Year“ in Croatia.

We will enumerate only the most successful innovations by TEHNIX d.o.o. which represent the company's brand. They are as follows : PRESS CONTAINERS – solid waste compactors type Tehnix in sizes: 5, 10, 20 and 32 m³; PRESSES – BALING PRESSES – waste recycling machines in sizes:10, 15, 25, 50 and 100 tons of thrust; SEPARATORS – devices for physical water treatment, the capacities of which range from 1 to 1000 lit/s of water; BIOROTORS – cutting-edge technology for biological water purification ranging from 100 to 100.000/ES; MOBILE OIL PUMPS – from 1000 to 25000 litres of volume, with IT equipment; CONTAINERS FOR RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL USE, AND VARIOUS INTERMODAL AND SPECIAL PURPOSE CONTAINERS; EKOMUNAL – the utility vehicle with the upgrade capacity of 14, 16, 18, 20 and 22 m³; MBT mechanical, biological and thermal processing of the miscellaneous municipal solid waste; TRANSFER STATIONS – a cost-effective way of municipal solid waste transfer, loading and unloading; AUTOMATIC WASHING STATIONS – facilities for an automatic and ecological washing of commercial vehicle chassis. All the products which TEHNIX d.o.o. provides are high-quality products, and they have the certificates which enable them to be exported onto the European and international markets. They all bear CE marking, thus confirming the company's orientation towards the European and world markets. We will enumerate only the most significant countries into which TEHNIX d.o.o. exports its products, which are as follows: Austria, Slovenia, Germany, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Russia, Luxemburg, Belgium, Serbia and Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Italy, Libya and The United Arab Emirates (UAE). We have developed our own brand in the field of Environmental protection, caleld the TEHNIX GLOBAL ECOLOGICAL COMPANY.


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Braće Radića 35

40320 Donji Kraljevec

Tel: +385 40 650 100

Fax: +385 40 650 108



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